We carry kitesurfing gear onboard and our skipper is a certified (IKO) instructor. He has good experience and been with the sport since it started 1999. As well as had his own kitesurfing school in Sweden (Surf-Lab).

For experienced kitesurfers we will take you to some amazing kitesurfing spots, bays, down winders and to established kite beaches/ kite-centers if wanted. During the months of July and August its very wind safe in the Cyclades, during the day the is stable thermal wind from the north called the Meltame, 20-35 kn of wind can be expected.

If the weather conditions allows we are able to give lessons, we will teach you after IKO standard, we also have a trainer kite onboard for teaching.


Our divemaster is a very experienced diver, so you will be in good hands.

  • Certified diver CMAS since 1978 (41 years)
  • Certified NAUI instructor 1982 (37 years)
  • Royal Navy SEAL UDT 1979
  • CDC Los Angeles 1982 (Commercial Diving Center) commercial diver/saturation diver, UW welder
  • Commercial Diver Persian Gulf and North Sea, oilrigs, pipe laying barges, salvage/recovery etc ( 8 years)
  • Volunteer diver WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, Greece) 2015-2017

He has been diving in Greece for the last 5 years and have great knowledge of local wrecks, caves and good diving spots.

We carry full diving gear and compressor on board. For experienced certified divers will take you to some amazing diving places that will fit your experience and certification. For uncertified divers we will take you to good snorkeling spots and for you that want we do “try dives, a safe and controlled way of trying diving for the first time.


Most of the cyclades is mountainous and a hiker’s paradise – The most popular routes are well maintained, others barely more than an overgrown sheep’s path. Hiking on the islands is particularly rewarding as your always close to the sea and there is always a breeze to keep you cool.

Spring (April to May) is the best time for hiking; the countryside is green and fresh from the winter rains, and carpeted with wildflowers. Autumn (September to October) is also a good time. However its possible to hike the Cyclades all year around. here is some examples:

NAXOS-The broad central plain of olive groves, Tragaea has plenty of trails linking rural villages. Filoti offers a strenuous climb to the Cave of Zeus, a natural cavern on the slopes of Mt Zeus.

ANDROS-Well-established hiking paths connect villages or trace unspoilt valleys marked by ancient water mills.

NAXOS- The broad central plain of olive groves, Tragaea has plenty of trails linking rural villages. Filoti offers a strenuous climb to the Cave of Zeus, a natural cavern on the slopes of Mt Zeus.

TINOS-With its 195 km², Tínos is one of the medium-sized Cycladic islands, after the two biggest ones: Náxos (448 km²) and Andros (385 km²); the island of Páros (195 km²) has exactly the same size. Tínos is situated between the isles of Andros and Mýkonos – together, these three islands form the embranchment of the mountain ridge of the island of Evia (Euboia).
Just like its beautiful neighbour Andros, also the island of Tínos is predominantly frequented by the Greeks themselves; it is not really a busy tourist destination.

SYROS-The captal island of the Cyclades with the largest city Ermoupolis is a must see. The island is full of hiking trails.Traces of settlements from the Bronze Age (3200 – 2000 B.C.) are to be found on the height of Kastrí (only reachable on foot) and in Chalandrianí (with more than 600 tombs).

Especially the northern half of the island is ideal for hiking, since this part of the island still has a wild character and is sparcely populated. i
These hikes are really a must:
– the long, but really beautiful hike from Ermóupoli
s to Kastrí and Chalandrianí (a succession of the red-white hikes no. 1, 2 and 3 and the green hikes no. 1 and 2) or the variant of this hike to Kastrí and back
– the very lonely hike from Kámbos to the northern cape of Diapóri
– the hikes to the beach of Grámmata or to the beaches of Varvaroússa and Aetós.

There is several other islands that are great for hiking, just ask us and we will give you more information.

We will get you to the island that fits your request and put you on the right track and can also offer you trekking guides on most islands.


Let us take you on a cruise through Greek history!

Live onboard and sail between the Cyclades islands that has historic value.

Greek islands have been part of human history since primordial times. If your purpose of visiting Greece is your love for history, ancient ruins, ancient battles, and tales of warriors, kings, and gods, these are the islands you should visit:

DELOS-There is no way you’re going to talk about the history of the Greeks without mentioning Delos. For thousands of years, locals and visitors have always seen Delos as a holy sanctuary. It features mosaics, temples, a theatre, and other ruins. You can also find here the statues of lions, which are one of the biggest attractions for visitors from all over the world. The crown jewel of Delos is the Sanctuary of Apollo situated down the Sacred Way; you should not miss this.

NAXOS-Visiting Naxos is like a walk through time. It has plenty of well-known historical sites like Portara, which is a mysterious ancient door overlooking the main town. You will also enjoy viewing the Venetian Streets of Naxos Chora, as well as the traditional marble villages. However, the main attractions are Kouros of Apollonas dating back 8th to 9th century, and the Temple of Demeter, hilltop ruins of 530BCE converted to a church in the 16th century. You can also visit the Venetian Museum and an Archaeological Museum in Naxos Chora, all of which have plenty of surprises for visitors.

GYAROS-During the military dictatorship Gyaros was a place of exile and torture. Today, the small Cycladic island exudes a sense of fear and complete abandonment, says a report in Deutsche Welle (DW).Following the Civil War (1946-49), the island which even from the ancient Roman times was a place of exile, continued the grave tradition. 20,000 people, mostly communists and other dissidents were exiled to Gyaros.

IOS-Inscriptions, coins and some texts from ancient historians,among which Herodotus, testify that Ios is the birthplace of the mother (Klymeni) of the Greek epic poet Homer and in fact, the great poet was buried there. This belief has become a great myth and an ancient site on the island side of the island is believed to be the tomb of Homer.Ios has been inhabited since the early Cycladic period, as proved by the archaeological excavations which brought to light various findings. These mark the existence of human life on the island during ancient years.

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